Sony handycam poor video quality

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Plus, details in the background were smeary, even when the main subject was perfectly sharp. This wasn't simply due to the depth of field, as some objects remained sharp while others - particularly those with detailed textures such as foliage - were messy. Another problem was that the PJ10E couldn't retain its focus on an object while zooming. It took a couple of seconds of hunting following a zoom to refocus again. Sign up for our daily newsletter Newsletter.

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It lacks macrotele, it lacks timelapse, it lacks still photo capacity! It does provide the same high quality video image, but why did Sony even bother? I must add, however, that I was filming with it and turned to run to get a better angle which caused me to slightly sprain the ankle. I involuntarily threw this camera to the pavement with a force that should have exploded it into 50 pieces.

But don't count on this miracle happening to you - I live a gooder life! One person found this helpful. I love the picture quality.

How Bad Was Sony VG900 Full Frame Camcorder? Worse Than Canon G7X

I would have been happier if they supplied the cable with the camcorder The biggest advantage of the the mini-DV The picture quality is very good.. Would have loved it even more if they could find a way to attach a flash.. If you have never had access to Super NightShot, hold on to your britches. It's amazing in the extreme. Sony has all but stopped making night shot cameras due in part I hear from people misusing it when photographing people in swimsuits and light colored clothing.

Sony handycam sound quality

Well, too bad for us. Sorry people don't have commonsense, but there you have it. Now on to the SuperNightShot. This is maximum stealth technology. Great for parties, wildlife and dimly lit social scenes where your high priced video camera dies out. You say, will it's all green and everything White Balance White Balance. Shutter Max Shutter Speed.

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